Presentation new album and premiere show of Flanders’ most beautiful voice

It has been since 2018 that Jasper Steverlinck, along with pianist Valentijn Elsen, passed at the AB to present his album Night Prayer….

With the new album The Healing approaching and a slew of new songs, it’s high time for a new show. Flanders’ most beautiful voice will rehearse intensively in the coming months with new and old repertoire and a few surprises. The new show will officially premiere in AB on the first day of June.

About the recently released new single Nashville Tears, Steverlinck sys: ‘It’s one of those songs that came to me automatically. It flowed out in one movement, as if the song had written itself. The song is about a very lonely moment. The moment when you realise that your dream has passed you by, you have been left behind and everyone else has moved on with their lives. It also refers to Nashville as the birthplace of country music, those songs often deal with themes of loneliness, heartbreak, nostalgia,…. Nashville Tears feels like it’s always been there. When I sing it with a Roy Orbison accent, it even seems to come from his repertoire. Maybe Roy whispered it to me…’



De Leest
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Night Prayer Golden Limited edition vinyl 500 copies
Nashville Tears – single

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Booking: Peter Verstraelen
Booking NL: Jarn van Strijen
Management: Karel Van Mileghem
PR: Lotte De Block